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Film. Television. Advertising. Radio. Music.

Film. Television. Advertising. Radio. Music.

Soundbyte Studio is WA’s leading sound studio for when you need to be heard.

Why Soundbyte?

Why Soundbyte?

It’s all in the name. A “soundbite” is a piece of sound designed to stick in your head. That’s what we aim to create in every word, sound effect or note we put down: something that’ll be remembered. We achieve this through collaboration, creativity and experience.

"I can honestly say there’s no one I trust more to get an exceptional result when it comes to sound. You can always expect a level of meticulousness and craftsmanship that will take your production to the next level. "

Our Team


Our Team

The team at Soundbyte Studios is composed of highly experienced audio engineers, sound designers, composers and producers. 

Brad Habib

Sound Engineer & Company Founder

Using his experience to custom-design Perth’s leading sound recording facility, Brad opened Soundbyte in 2010. His work in sound production and talent directions has been globally recognised at Cannes Advertising Festival, D&AD and the London International Awards. He’s worked with David Attenborough and Darth Vader himself, James Earl Jones.

Colin Graham

Sound Engineer & Designer

Over forty-years of sound-recording experience. Has recorded everything from orchestras and prime ministers to sports commentators and wildlife. Has delivered numerous long-form projects. Is an absolute destroyer of pub quiz nights! (You want him on your side.)

Robert Woods


Has been composing music since primary school and has written seven musicals. Able to play the piano, flute, double bass and saxophone. Has scored everything: feature films, shorts, web series, commercials, plays, radio shows and a puppet show.

"The mark of a great sound studio is their willingness to care about every single job, no matter how big, small, creative or conservative. Brad and his team not only nail that, they do it with friendliness and good humour."

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